Day – 12 – Passage to Eastern Europe – 2015

A lovely fountain.

Day 12 – Oct. 12 – Brasov – We walked through the charming town. My wife looking at the beautiful sights and photographing them. I sulk from lack of sleep and wonder where and when I will be safe again.

I sit by the fountain in the main square and reassure myself that no Vampire would venture near the splashing water. It is a quaint town except for the Vampires and their nasty habits of trying to visit us at night.

There is the trumpet tower here. Brasov was the city of the first Romanian newspaper, Gazeta de Transylvania. It is the administrative center of Brasov County.

People have lived here since the bronze age, 60,000 years ago. This area was the north eastern border of the Roman Empire.

The most impressive monument of the Antiquity is the Dacian Sanctuary of Racos. Look that up if you like. I did. Very interesting and difficult to get to.

It is a series of small pyramids built of red stone. No one knows why it was built.

This is a beautiful and rugged country with much natural beauty to see and enjoy.

I recommend that you bring plenty of the expensive Vampire repellant. Never skimp on that while traveling.

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Vampire protection? Maybe, maybe not!