Day 3-Passage to Eastern Europe – September, 2015

St Mathias Church.

Day 3 – Friday, Oct 2 – We walked the city of Budapest this morning.

We walked along the Danube and saw all of the bridges that crossed it. We walked across the Elizabeth bridge up to Fisherman’s bastion and Mathias Church on the castle hill.

The church is beautiful and full of colored light streaming through the stained glass windows.

Think of the dull, hard lives of most of these people who lived by candlelight and how those colors might have affected them after a week of hard farm labor or toiling in the city.

The colors in the St. Mathias church on castle hill were as grand as was the alter. This church was not made this way by mistake.

It was a privilege to be able to go to such a grand church as this and see the workings of God all around you. If the size and majesty of the church didn’t convince you of God’s existence, then the alter and the church’s richness surely would.

We walked back across the “chain bridge” and then along the river again.

We were on a quest for an item to take home that would remind us of this fine city.

Our home looks like a small museum to some folks, I”m sure. Our home is small, but with a couple of large built in units to display our travel treasures.

We left our hotel and arrived at our ship in the afternoon.

We met our friends for dinner and tried to find the best Goulash around. We found a very nice example, to be sure, but everyone we tasted in those few days in Budapest was wonderful and interestingly different.

These steel shoes on the edge of the Danube are a memorial to the Jews killed by the fascist Arrow Cross militia in World War ll.

Note the steel shoes along the Danube Bank.