Day 2 -Passage to Eastern Europe – Hungary – 2015

Day 2 – We are in Budapest –  A brief history lesson–

Arpad, was the second Grand Prince of the Magyars. He lived from c. 845 to 907AD. He is hailed as the forefather of the Hungarians. Some believe that he was a direct descendant of Attila the Hun. Remember, the Huns were a nomadic people who lived in Central Europe between the fourth and sixth centuries.

We went to a farm and watched a very interesting horse show. The riders still wear clothing suitable for riding and similar to the mongols.

Gengis Khan lay dying in 1227. His son, who was to take over the western portion of the empire had died and so his son Batu took his place as the leader of the western Khanates.

In 1235 Batu started marching to the west and conquered Baskirs then Bulgaria, then the Ukraine in 1237. By 1240 he had conquered the principalities of Kieran Russia, now northern Ukraine and western Russia. Then they took Poland, Hungary and then Austria.

Soon enough, Batu had to march east to be involved in the succession of the leaders of the Mongols. So he left Vienna, which he had under siege and headed east. On his way, he destroyed Pest.

The Golden Horde was called such, due to the gold tents used that the leaders used. Had enough yet?

Yes, as ordered. Please go easy on the whip.
Well trained war horses of the Golden Horde. Yes, this is in Hungary.