Day 1 -Passage to Eastern Europe – September, 2015

Good morning.
What a view of the river and the bridge!

We are about to land and find our hotel. The journey has been a long one, but we know it will be worth it.

Day 1, Oct 1 – Welcome aboard the Viking Aegir.

We are about to leave on our cruise. We are traveling from Hungary to Romania on the Danube River. We will pass through Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and end up in, beautiful Romania.

This trip will surely be an interesting one with all that has happened in this part of the world.

As always, we arrived a few days early to get our feet under us before the journey began. We walked the city of Budapest and saw much of the city.

Historic Buda sits on the east bank of the Danube and the cosmopolitan Pest, pronounced as “Pesht” sits on the west side of the Danube.

It is a beautiful city and should be on your list of European cities to visit soon.

Time is our enemy when it comes to traveling.

I love walking in these European cities. they are so different from ours in America. The architecture is amazing when you think of the time they were created, how long it took,  and the tools at hand. 

I will use these sittings of this city and others for my novels that I will write in the future.

“Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets takes place in the U.S. and Rome Italy. Having traveled there years ago, I can remember the feelings that the environment poured over me. 

It was a city of warmth and mystery as well as power and intrigue.

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“The Adventures of the Smith Family,” an English 18th century adventure story and “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets,” a spy novel with some crazy twists have both been professionally edited.

I think both of them are worth your time to read, but I guess I’m a little biased.