Scandinavia – Russia -2008 – At Sea

Sunday, June 8 – Day 5 – At Sea. I love days at sea. It is a time when none of my customers can reach me. It is the only time none of my clients can reach me. My office was in my home for ever. There was never a night that went by where I could sit and watch a full T.V. program, thankfully.

I started with the answer phone for receiving daily calls while I was out in the field. Remember, I did all of the work myself with one helper. Then the pager came into existence and then the cell phone.

Those machines made my working life both better and more difficult. I needed to work and I wanted to answer those beeps and calls. So at sea I am on my own except for the boss, of course.

We each bring several books with us and finish two or three before we are home again.

We love Paul Theroux, though I wish he would change the spelling of his name right now. I have read all of his novels and his travel books. They are all must reads. We also loved Stieg Larson who wrote several very good thrillers before his untimely demise. Mark Twain is always on the list as  so are so many others. Cruising is the best time to read.

The motion of the ship and the silence, when you can find it is wonderful. There is no more silent or beautiful place than in the middle of the sea, unless the weather turns bad, and then all bets are off.

We are thinking of doing the Cruise down the Mississippi with a stop in Mark Twains neighborhood in the next few years.

We have traveled in the United States some and I will put up some of those stories shortly. Sadly I am getting to the end of all of the trips that we have taken over the years. But there are still more to come and we need to finish this trip before we get side tracked.