Scandinavia – Russia – 2008 – Copenhagen

Saturday the 7th – Day 4 – We went sight seeing today and ran into the Queen of Denmark. She was in town to meet with the Vietnamese President apparently.

She traveled with little or no security at this time and had a lovely Bentley automobile. She departed from a small boat after shopping perhaps and then went on in her queenly fashion. She had several shopping bags with her.

It was exciting to see one of my distant relatives after so long. That’s another story. If you are interested, email me and I may tell you about my family background here. Sadly the riches of my distant ancestors did not survive the many moves and wars and intrigue and flow to me or any of our recent generations.

My wife has traced my ancestry back to the year 1. Before that time, it was all here say.

We have each had our DNA done and found out some interesting things. If you haven’t done it, you should. It isn’t expensive and it might change the way you see yourself and your family. My wife learned some very interesting things from her test. Read my spy novella, “Grandpa Ernie.” The DNA test in that book caused some big things to happen. The longer, spy novel, will be up shortly on Amazon. It is over one hundred and five thousand words long or about two hundred and ninety pages. It is fun, exciting and sweet. I think there will be a sequel. But you know how that usually turns out.

We saw the Little Mermaid, crafted in honor of Hans Christian Andersen in the port of Langelinie.

We also went to the Amalienborg Palace, The National Museum, Rosengorg Castle and Tivoli Gardens.

Later in the day we saw the ship that the Vietnamese delegation arrived in, docked near where we saw the Queen. I am not sure if I am related to any of them.