Scandinavia – Russia – 2008 – Oslo

Sunday, June 7 – Day 3 – Oslo has an interesting past as Norway does as a whole.

In the 14th century, Norway was struck by the plague and over half of the population died off.

In 1814, Norway separated from Denmark, but was still united with Sweden as part of war reparations. Norway gained it’s independence in 1905 from Denmark.

Most of us know the sad history of this region during World War Two. There was a large underground movement that defied the German forces for five brutal years and helped to delay the development of the German atomic program.

There are many centuries of interesting history in this part of the world about the Vikings as well.

We were able to see the Viking ships at a museum and the Kon Tiki at it’s museum.

We also saw the city hall and the Slottet or Royal Palace. We saw the changing of the guard while we were there also.

Sadly we have to leave at four p.m. on the ship today, but perhaps we will return one day. The only problem about that is there are so many places in the world to visit, and they are all interesting and beautiful in their own way, like children.

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