Scandinavia and Russia – 2008 – Arriving in Oslo

Day three. We have been sailing for some time. The seas are smooth and beautiful.

That reminds me. I mentioned that my wife and I came to Europe on our honey moon. We sailed on an over night ferry from England to France in the worst storm possible.

The trip director mentioned that he had never seen a storm as bad as the one we sailed through that night and he had made the passage, hundreds of times.

I did not sleep the entire voyage. I spent half of the night on the wall and half of the night on the mattress due to the rocking of the ship.

It was an inside cabin with no windows, and I am claustrophobic and knew that I was going to die. My wife, slept like a baby.

The ferry that we were on by the way, was the one that sank when the rear doors weren’t closed properly a few years later.

We have been on many trips and done many things as you have, probably. It is always sobering to see that some unlucky souls have died doing exactly the same things that we had done just months or weeks before. It is a reminder to me how luck plays such a big part of one’s life.

Think about how you met your partner in life. Surely, luck paid some part in that meeting.

Sorry, I have to go. We have just arrived in Oslo.

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