Dec.7 – 20018 – India

I will not finish my blog about Indochina before leaving for India, sadly. We are off to central India for three weeks on an unexpected adventure. I leave on the 17th of December and will return on the 4th of January.

We have been to India before, but up in the north. It is an amazing and very different place. It is full of smells and colors and wonderful people. We will be traveling by bus or van around Agra and the Taj Mahal. Then we will go out to who knows where. I don’t know the program very well as my wife handles all of the details. I am a tourist and not interested in the trips details.

I just want to be in India again and experience the magic of that country. I will add this trip to India to my blog when I get back.

There are already a few stories from our last trip there, up on the blog, I think.