Crossing the border – On to Cambodia – 2018

Nov.4 – Day16 – We are leaving Vietnam behind us in the jungle and dust.

It has been a wonderful adventure meeting several new friends and learning about this country. The country has been unlucky in geographical location, being so close to China and full of natural riches.

It has long been a target of Colonial powers looking to become wealthy. Many have learned the lesson the hard way. Invest, but don’t try to conquer.

Hopefully, Vietnam’s future will be a quiet one with no more wars and only good things in its future.

We are driving on a typical two lane road being passed by motorcycles on the right and dodging pedestrians wherever they might pop up.

Think of the 5 Freeway in California with grandma and her tricycle parked in the median but still in traffic and you will have a sense of what we are seeing in Vietnam for hundreds of miles.

We have gone from Hue Long Bay in the north, to My Son in the south with Saigon and Hanoi in between. There is no way to convey the sounds and masses of traffic that we have walked and driven in. There are pictures, but they loose something without the noise.

I have handed out my business card all over this place. We will see how many read my tales of this adventure.


Living on the Mekong.
The Japanese helped to build this. The Chinese are in here also.