Nov.4- Had a nice cocktail? – Saigon

Nov.4 – Saigon – No, just took my meds, a NyQuill, and my Malaria pill. Wow. I think that combo is still legal in most states. Try it before they change the law. I had a dream about a woman speaking Spanish who wanted me to guess where she was from by her accent. She had aerated her front yard and was trying to sell the plugs at Costco.

I had initially gone off to dreamland and met a pro surfer who had been killed by a drunk driver. He had developed a special way of trimming hedges. No leaves could be cut in his style. The leaves had to be plucked like tea leaves.

I guess there is a lesson to be learned her somewhere.

I’m not sure which of my two lives is more interesting right now, my dream life or my real life. Bye.