Day 8 – Dec.24 Drianda Mandir Temple – Jaipur, India – 2018

Dec.24 – Day 8 – We went out this evening to the temple called Drianda Mandir. It is composed of the three major religious temple styles combined into one building.

It represents the willingness to accept all religious beliefs. What a concept.

It is a beautiful structure at night with dozens of bright lights shinning on it from all directions.

It has a pyramid roof, a dome, and a buddhist spire all together in one building. It was beautiful inside with many colorful statues in the Buddhist end. The entire structure is made of white marble.

The large temple sits at the foot of a small mountain with a copy of Edinboro Castle up above it and to the left.

Tomorrow we go on safari to look for tigers. They are solitary creatures and are not interested in cooperating with tourists. Our guide says that we have a sixty percent chance of seeing one.

We shall see.