Dec. 27 – Early morning game drive – Ranthanbore National Park – 2018

Day 11 – We leave very early this morning for another chance at seeing the tiger. It is brutally cold and I am wrapped up. It does no good.  We looked for the tiger until nearly lunch. No luck. However we saw him yesterday and must be content. We did and we are. How many times will I get to see a tiger in the wilds of India in my lifetime?

After the second safari is over, we drive for four hours over rough, bumpy and cold dusty roads to our camp for tonight. It is the only campground we will stay in. It is very comfortable, but I have been ill and will be in bed for the night. It was forty-eight degrees and I was on top of the covers steaming like a baked potato. I did not eat or see the fine show put on by the men who work here. We are in the state of Rajasthan.

I cannot convey to you the beauty that is around us. It looks like California at times and then we see large flatlands covered in greenery. It is a must if you are a willing traveler. There are mountains far off in the distance and then we are in them.

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