Dec.28 – Abhaneri step well -2018 – India

Day12 – Dec.28 – We visited the ancient baolis, or step well, that was built to provide year round water for the citizens here.

This giant, square hole, lined in stone with ledges and steps down a great depth is amazing and dangerous. Look it up on our pictures at Ray-Andrea Matthews or on the internet. It is truly amazing.

Think of the centuries of women who carried water up from the depths of this well. Of course the water level changes depending on the water table at the time, but this is dangerous stuff.

The work needed to create this is immense. Just think about digging a hole about 120 feet wide in both directions and about the same depth and then lining it with giant stones.

I am still a little under the weather since returning from India, so these dispatches will be a little slow coming up. I have the flu right now or something that has taken the wind out of my sails. It might be left over from the virus that I got in India, but I lay no blame. I still love India.

I might have picked up the virus on the plain coming home or from someone in the airport in Canada or America.