The instant taxi –

Okay, it’s getting late. Last call.

So one night, I was probably twelve, because my brother had his license and his new Nova. What a beautiful car.

Anyway this drunk wants a ride to the bus station. So my brother and he make a deal for a ride to the bus station for a few bucks, all is settled. Right.

So we take the drive to the bus station. It was a quick trip due to the hour. Two in the morning again, of course. I know that nothing good happens out in the night world after ten, by now.

We arrived at the station and the guy changes his tune about paying and tries to get out of the car. My brother thinks, “no dice pal,” and floors the car going the wrong way on the one way streets around the bus station.

Even the drunk knew that that was a dangerous idea and decided to cough up the agreed upon sum before something bad might happen.

This might have been the first Uber or Lyft for drunks. He got a very low rating from my brother.

Hey, a deal is a deal.

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