A crazy coincidence

Glacier calving

My wife and I were waiting with another couple to travel to Alaska on a cruise. The husband and I are friends from high school. We have much in common both being left handed , non drinkers and a little goofy. His father also married my first wife and I, he being a minister. Our two wives get along well, so that is nice.

Anyway, I saw someone I recognized walking through the terminal and mentioned it to my friend. “Hey, do you recognize that guy.” We only saw each other every couple of years now when we traveled together. “Yeah. I recognize that guy and his wife. Where did we see them?” he answered. “Well we are only together now when we travel, so it must have been on one of our trips.”

“You’re right about that, but which trip?” “The Revolutionary and Civil War trip, I think.” “Yeah, that’s right. They were on that trip. Let’s go talk to them.”

So sure enough, it was them. They just happened to pick this cruise ship to travel on. We had no contact with each other. It was just by chance.

We have had many similar experiences. We travel often, and to many, crazy places. Sometimes we do meet people from or home town or neighborhood in the process.

Once, we went to the Bahamas and were seated with a couple who owned a restaurant just down the street from us where we often eat. What the heck?

I am still waiting for some of you out there to send me some stories.

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