Another crazy travel story

A little cruise and travel story.

My wife’s father’s family are English. We have gone to visit them many times and even thought at one time that we might buy a vacation place there. We love the country and all of its history.

My father-in-law’s cousins came to us for a few days before they left from San Diego on a long cruise, a few years ago. They wanted to see us of course and to reset their biological clocks. We had a great time visiting before they left. We are very close to where the ship left from in Loa Angeles.

They had a grand time and returned to us before going home. They told us about some of their adventures and about some of the people they had met.

One couple in particular had an interesting time going to visit some friends and family in Australia. It seemed that once they had landed and visited with their friends, rough seas arrived and they could not get aboard the ship to leave.

Their belongings were placed into their hands as the ship sailed away to the next port. They would have to find their own way there and get back on board at that landing point. The gentleman was an electrician from Manchester and his girlfriend was Australian, I believe.

So we had a nice visit and heard some more fun stories from my wife’s cousins and then they returned home to England after a few days.

Years later we went to Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sikkim. We traveled with an English company as we sometimes do. We have traveled with many companies. The trips and destinations are the most important issues for us. We travel moderately as far as cost is concerned, and we do not need four star hotels.

It was a small group. That is why we chose the company in the first place. We had been together for a few days and talked among ourselves of pervious trips as all adventurers do. We traded lunch partners each day and got to know our fellow travelers.

One day as we talked with our new lunch companion we started talking about vacations and the like. He mentioned that he had been on a long cruise from Long Beach, California to Australia and the South Pacific and back a few years ago.

We mentioned the that our cousins had done the same and mentioned their names. It turned out that he was the man who was with his girlfriend that had missed his ship due to the bad weather in port. How crazy is that.

The world is a very small place.