Travel risks and adventures

We have been to many interesting places as you have seen if you have read any of my stories here.

You can’t let fear keep you from seeing the world. It is possible to be hurt or worse anywhere and at anytime. If you thought about the risks, you would never leave your bed.

We have been in several places just before some historic and fate full events.

We were in Nepal the week before the king was killed. There may have been travel warnings from the U.S. about going there, but I don’t remember. This was during the time of the Chinese insurgency. My mother-in-law thinks that we pick our destinations by how much danger is involved.

We were just in Zimbabwe last year when Mugabe was running for president again. It was not apparent to us that we were in danger, but there had been some “issues.”

We left Victoria just as the markets were running out of cooking oil. Not a good sign, to say the least. We heard stories about the politics and were glad to be leaving safely. The people are wonderful even if the government is not.

I would go back tomorrow to see our new friends if they weren’t so busy showing their country to new visitors.

In South Africa, on the same trip, there was a shoot out at the airport with a reputed drug dealer. We arrived after the trouble was over, but in time to see the broken windows. It was just another close call on a long interesting list.

I hope there is a book out there written just about this type of thing. It would be very interesting.

I have a Japanese friend whose uncle, an American citizen, went back to Japan to raise chickens in a place called Hiroshima. His timing was very bad. He was killed when the bombs were dropped.

I think every family has an interesting history and tales to tell. Why not record yours before it is too late and those “old timers” are gone. It is so easy now. Don’t miss your chance to learn about your family’s history from those who lived it.

I have a very interesting family in many ways and at some point I will share more with you. Have you read my story here called “A shot in the dark?” That’s a good place to start to get a feel for what my history is like.

Dreams of Costa Rica comes from the life of a family member of mine, though it has been toned down for the faint hearted. Look for it on this site under books.