Hitting the bricks

I have always been self employed.

I had to advertise my services far and wide to get as much work as possible. I was lucky and lived in Southern California where the population is dense and work, plentiful.

I had a small building repair company. I did all of the work and my son helped once in a while. It was hard, fun, and rewarding.

Now I am off on a new endeavor and hitting the bricks again, looking for bookstores that will put my books up in them for sale.

All businesses are the same. Have a good product, make it convenient to find and purchase and do the job right the first time. I rendered a service rather than a product, but in the end it’s all the same.

So I’m off now, trying to sell my wares wherever I can. Thankfully I don’t need the money because I would have starved by now. But I can’t sit still and I still have new friends to discover out there.

Wish me luck.