Dead end jobs

There is no such thing as a dead end job, just people with no imagination or desire for advancement.

How many Americans do we have to watch come from nothing and become successful and even wealthy before we get it.

How many people started out as janitors or flipping burgers and learned about the business world while working in it.

Your first job is just that. It teaches you to follow instructions, come to work on time and take responsibility head on in your life. It teaches you how to live within a budget. It teaches you that you can do more and you can eventually move on to a better job.

It’s about learning how to be a human. Your first job probably isn’t the one that you will have for ever, and you shouldn’t. That first job is usually a crappy job because you are young, have no skills and have little to offer an employer. My first job was mixing plaster in buckets and mixing sand and cement in a very heavy wheel barrow.

It is the job that prepares you for all of the other jobs that will follow, however.

I cleaned our family restaurant, bathrooms, washed dishes, cut meat for our stews, shined shoes, loaded beer boxes, mowed lawns with a gardener, sold flowers on the street corner, recycled bottles, cans and newspapers and finally learned a trade under my father.

I didn’t remain a dishwasher. That isn’t supposed to be a job to raise a family on. It is a job for a high school student saving money for college while living at home.

Come on folks, use your brains.