Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets

I hope that you are all well out in the big world.

I am reworking Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets now. It will not be a long process. However we leave on the 19th for the Stans. This should be an interesting trip. There is endless history there.

I think Ernie will be back up in the proper form by the end of June. Just in time for the summer and when you might need a good book to read. It will be longer and more adventure packed.

I want to apologize for the problems with Ernie, but I am a rookie and am learning the ropes. Thankfully few have seen or bought it yet. That means you can still be one of the first to read it this summer.

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You can read some bits of them at my site under books and in my December 2019 blog.

Have a wonderful and safe summer wherever you might be.

I want to say hello to all of my new friends in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and India.

We loved meeting all of you and hopefully you will have a great summer also.

Thanks for coming to my site and reading my little travel stories. I also enjoy texting with you. Do keep in touch.

Remember that you all can make this a better place for all of us by helping the charity of your choice.

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