Cruising the world – July 2019

Not like this.

My wife and I have done 14 cruises in different parts of the world. We are off in September to Iceland and Greenland and then later in the new year we’re doing the Mississippi River Cruise, northbound. We will spend some time in the area of Mark Twain’s youth and perhaps learn more about him, if possible.

I have read most of his books and a few biographies about him and is eventful, if not always happy, life.

We always go a few days early for any of our trips. We like to get used to the time change and it just seems more comfortable to have a few extra days on the beginning of a trip to get situated.

I have started doing our island vacations and will continue to put those up on this site. I don’t have the brochures from those trips and will have to compile those from memory and photographs.

I hope that you are having a wonderful summer and that you are all well.

For short police story, read “Judgment Day” on Amazon by me, R. C. Hand. I think you will find it fast moving and interesting, to say the least.