The future of America

Do you like what you see happening around you these days in our cities who’s politicians refuse to enforce laws regarding pedestrian access and loitering. If you do, then vote for one of the Democrats. If you believe in the Constitution and the rule of Law, then vote for someone else, anyone else.

There is no perfect candidate.

If you like raw sewage on the streets being washed into our beaches, then keep those that are in office now, in office.

If you like needles in the parks and drunks and addicts sleeping in our parks and on the sidewalks, vote for those who run our cities again.

I would vote to remove everyone from Congress now and gladly start over with a new batch.

If you like what ANTIFA stands for and people coming to political gatherings in masks, and inflicting and inciting violence or interfering with free speech, then vote for the left.

If you would rather feel safe and be safe on the street, vote for anyone other than the left. It is that simple.

Is it Constitutional for people to wear masks at political gatherings? There are limits to free speech. What do masks infer? Why does one need to hide one’s identity? Has everyone up in the Northwest gone crazy?

Where is all the money going to come from to give free everything to everybody. We don’t have enough money to take care of our own citizens properly now, let alone everyone who wants to come to America.

Who do you think is paying for the food, water, and transportation of all those immigrants coming north? Do you think they have the where with all to do it on their own? Why is it happening now? Just think about it. This is no accident that it’s happening now.

Just remember how the media has been wrong on everything. The border crises, the homeless, etc.

Who loses the most when illegal immigrants come to our county? The undereducated and the underemployed. The Democrats want more immigrants to vote for their welfare state programs. the Democrats only care about keeping their power in Congress. Think a little about these issues. It’s only your country that is at risk.

Just go to the internet and look up the numbers. Look at the tables that show who pays the most in taxes in America and how far the money goes. The poor don’t pay taxes. The middle class pays some, but not that much. The rich pay the most taxes. Just look it up.

The top 1% already pay 87% of all federal income taxes in the United States.

Even if giant corporations pay no taxes, their employees do and their shareholders receive monies from their shares to put back into the economy. Think a little about how this economy works.

Do you want to tax the corporations to the point that they go bankrupt or go overseas. We have already done that and are reaping the results now.

Do you think that these Socialists have the foggiest notion about how an economy runs? No. They just want power over you and your money. They want to tax you so that you won’t have the resources to stop them.

How many times will it take to stop this nonsense. Sadly the elders with the memories and experience die and are replaced over time by young people who have no idea of the dangers of leftism. Sadly, the results are always the same.

I will continue to place travel stories up on this site every few days. I am doing a series on islands now it seems. I have been to a few.