Clothing styles while traveling- Sept. 2019

Hey, I have an idea. Why not wear appropriate clothing while traveling.

Look, we all want to see the sights around the worlds great cities, right?

Well, just remember what a church or mosque is and then think about the type of clothing one should wear inside. These are buildings of worship for crying out loud. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?

If you are going to wear a sleeveless top, please bring a wrap with you. I get it, it can be hot sometimes, but don’t make the rest of the American traveling public look like idiots. Cover yourselves.

This is not just directed to the Americans by the way, the rest of you out there aren’t much better. Come on, show some respect for culture and people. Isn’t that why you said you were going on vacation? Or was it to just be obnoxious and drink too much. Yes, I saw you.

And please try to stay out of the middle of the sidewalk when taking a picture. You are not alone here! Be quick and move on. There are others waiting! You can talk while your walking to the next point of interest, can’t you?

Please try and think about how you would like your holiday to go and make a tiny effort to make all of our vacations better.

Thanks, R. C. Hand