Greenland, Iceland and the Shetland Islands- Sept.6,2019

There are many pictures coming to this site soon.

Tomorrow we are off on another adventure. It is a lovely long cruise.

My wife and I have traveled through all of our 35 years together. She does all of the work and I show up just in time.

We have traveled often to England to visit her family for special events like weddings and birthdays. Don’t invite us, we may show up. Sometimes in the distant past we would go just for the weekend to London from California.

Flights were cheap back then I couldn’t take many days off from my work. I was self employed and had no vacation time or money given to me by a company. When I traveled, I lost my income and made some of my customers unhappy. Such is life for the self employed.

I would like to mention here, that I think most of us take way too much luggage with us when we travel.

It takes the fun out of traveling and just makes for more drudgery and worry about lost luggage.

Most of our trips were two weeks long when I was working. My clever wife had picked out very thin travel cloths for she and I.

We usually travel with just two black carry on bags, a large purse for here, black of course, everything she owns is black or so it seems to me, and a medium sized black backpack for me.

Our travel clothing usually dries overnight so we don’t need an outfit for every day. We, I mean my wife, washes our clothing of the day in the sink by hand, and hangs it up to dry over the tub or the river. Very simple. It is usually dry in the morning. Thick socks can be a problem sometimes.

My clothing is a brand you are probably aware of. It is as thin as a wind breaker, and keeps me very comfortable. It is designed for travel and takes up little room in a suitcase. I take one pair of black Levis for a fancy dinner or night out. I do sometimes bring a pair of slacks, but not always.

This trip is a little different as the high for most days is to be around 60 degrees or less.

We have two Tumi Cases, one medium and one on the small side, and my Tumi backpack. Yes they are a bit expensive, but they last forever.

The large case weighs about 60 pounds and the middle sized one weighs it around 30 pounds. That is quite a lot for us, but it is going to be cold.

You can spend less on luggage most certainly, but buy the best that you can afford. It’s no fun when your luggage breaks on vacation.

We buy cars the same way. My wife does tons of research and we buy the best that we can afford. We have had two English cars, Jaguars if you must know, and they served us very well. Our 1987 sedan lasted 17 years and still looked like new.

Our 2004 Jaguar sedan was not as beautiful. I often heard that form my lovely wife, anyway, but it lasted for a very long time as well. We just bought a 2019 SUV. Yes, we are getting older.

So we have bought three cars in thirty five years. Oh, I almost forgot. I have a 2005 Toyota Celica, black of course, that is still just like new with very low mileage.

The point of all this nonsense is that less, is many times, better. And, well- built things that seem expensive at first glance turn out to be cheaper if you keep them for a long time.

Instead of buying a new car or leasing every three years, keep your cars for long periods of time and pay the same amount as the new car payment into your travel or savings account. You will be much better off in the long run.

As you can see by the map, our voyage has been changed.