Sept.10, 2019 – The Blue Lagoon

It’s quite a long but pleasant drive along the coast to the Blue Lagoon. There are a few houses on farms along the way. On one side is the moss covered lava fields and on the other are the mountains out in the distance.

The Blue Lagoon is a very large spa where one can soak in the natural hot mineral lagoon.

The water is heated naturally by the plate tectonics prevalent in the whole of Iceland and comes up through fissures and springs to the surface. There were steam clouds off in the distance as we drove here.

The water is actually cooled before entering the large and irregular shaped natural looking pool.

The water is a beautiful cloudy, light blue. It is raining a little as we sit in the water with the steam rising around us.

Everyone must shower before entering and there are large locker rooms for the men and women. I mean to say that there are locker rooms for the men and there are separate locker rooms for the women. We are all wearing bathing suits.

The whole process seems a little bit more complicated than necessary, but this is my first visit here and after several visits I suppose it all make sense. Basically, I’m just a lazy guy looking for a short cut to warm water.

On the way back into town we drove up a hill to a place called The Pearl. It’s a building set on top of four giant hot water tanks. On the fourth floor is an observation deck that wraps around the entire structure. There is a restaurant here as well. It is all covered in a glass geodesic doom.

From the viewing deck that wraps all around the building you can look out and see the country side and the city that’s all around you.

The president of India is staying at our hotel, of course. Why should I have any piece and quiet from the media that always hounds me. There are men here in black suits talking into their wrists, for heavens sake.

We have one more day of touring Iceland before we have to leave the Hilton Nordica and fly off to Norway to catch our cruise back to, you guessed, Reykjavik.

The hotel has been great as has the staff. I have no complaints and piles of praise for them. It’s a tough job to do especially when a famous person is staying there and then the president of India shows up too.

We had a nice dinner of pizza and soda at a pizza parlor within walking distance of our Hilton Hotel.

A medium Margarita pizza and two cups with unlimited drinks was $30.00 U.S. It is not inexpensive here.