Sept.7,2019 – Leaving home

We have made it to LAX in our private van. No un-scrubbed masses for us.

We got through checking in and getting rid of our luggage without too much trouble. The woman was polite and very helpful. We travel very light. One large and one small suitcase and the rest is carry on.

We made it through security without too much in the way of delays. We are members of the Global Entry program and it does seem to work most of the time to our advantage. The people here do seem to look at me with a little more suspicion than I think I deserve.

I don’t think that I am suspicious looking, just very handsome.

As I sit here on the worn out seats in the new terminal, I am just glad to have made it.

Our driver was a nice enough fellow, but just not in any hurry.

I see many people sitting around me who look much more suspicious than I do. How the heck did they pass muster?

There’s a handsome fellow sitting not too far away from me who is dressed in his very nice Patagonia travel wear. He is wearing a nice wrinkle free travel shirt and comfortable light weight khaki slacks. He’s also wearing a very nice pair of black Adidas tennis shoes. They are nice enough to wear to a formal gathering.

The fellow must be a diplomat or perhaps he’s with the CIA. He has that confident look about him.

Oh, sorry. That was my reflection in the window by my seat. What the heck? Perhaps I do look a little suspicious after all. I guess it’s because I am so well dressed.

I still think I see people here who need watching. I will check all the passengers on the cruise to see if anyone followed me.

Did I tell you that I’m reading a book about the CIA.

And so the voyage begins.