Sept.11, The houses and landscape of Reykjavik

The houses here are made of corrugated steel quite often. They are very clean and are painted in many bright colors. Maybe that helps to prevent the winter blues that people get when they live far up in the norther latitudes. They often look new. Perhaps it’s due to the rain. The roofs are very steep due to the snow.

There were large forests here in the distant, dark past, but the vikings cut them all down to survive. The land now looks barren at first glance, but the land is covered in grasses and moss. There are tiny flowers here as well. You just need to stop and look for them.

There were few animals here back then. Just the arctic fox and what they ate.

I have seen few birds, but that may be due to the time of year.

As you look out to sea you can see a low island to the west with a white building on it.

If you are near the old port you can see the house were Gorbachov and Reagan meet to try and stop the cold war.

There is the opera house behind with its crazy windows of many different shapes with lights inside of them.

The Viking Museum is close by. Everything is close by. The city is easy to walk and pleasant to view. It is on some hills however. It is not flat here.

In the distance to the north are the ever present mountains. They are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

We will be flying to Bergen in a day or so to join the cruise, but we wanted to come here first and have some time to get to know or at least see Reykjavik.

We will sail back here from Bergen after a day in that town to walk around and see the old town.

Every town has it own character and I love to see how brave the city fathers have been with the architecture and public art. Germany is very vibrant when it comes to those two things.

We have taken the hop on-hop of bus all around We will take another city tour by bus when we return. By the time we leave this town, we will know it well.

The old ships in the harbor remind you what many do for a living here.

We are off on another long tour today.