Sept.13, 2019 – The Viking Sea

Our ship is a small one.

It feels like a family reunion with all of my cousins showing up for free food and two weeks of visiting.

We went through the usual formalities before boarding the ship and passing through customs.

We beat our bags to the room and so decided to take a walk outside to see the surrounding area.

The room is large enough and is bright with a sliding door and a veranda. The paneling is light and the blue carpet reminds me that we are going to sea.We are on the third deck and midway between the bow and the stern.

We reached the exit of the ship and there was a tall bucket full of umbrellas. We took one just in case. We have our own, but these were quite large. It turned out to be a good idea. The weather had turned against us.

We just made it about two hundred feet from the ship when the night sky opened up. It rained as hard as I have ever seen it rain before and I was reminded of Noah and what he must have experienced before his journey began.

However, I was very dry and comfortable in my Patagonia travel wear.

My wife took her photos of the stern and we quickly returned to the ship. I asked the fellow who met us at the ship for half of his winnings from his bet that we wouldn’t get into town, but he just smiled a sly smile.

I met a very nice young man who was working in the building that we passed through to board. He is saving his money to go back to Ghana. He is trying to save up enough money to start a business back home. I wished him well and reminded him that he is the master if his fate and future.