Sept.12, 2019 – The Airport at Reykjavik

We are flying to Bergen Norway from Reykjavik today to catch our ship.

They made us put all of our liquids into small, transparent, plastic bags here. Here and in Paris are the only two places where we have ever had to do that.

It took forever to get through security, but better safe than sorry.

Please remember that these people are only following rules set up by their homeland and our country and they have no control over those rules. Don’t get upset with them. It will only make your journey more difficult.

We are now seated and waiting for our flight to Bergen, Norway. The airport here is a bright and modern facility with a large store that we must pass through while dodging shoppers looking for tax free booze or some such nonsense.

We try to slide past them as they block the path while they dream of the coming nights of drunkenness and partying. Gee I hope they have a dog with them just to make it a little more difficult to get by them.

Hey, I have an idea. When you are standing in the middle of the walkway and holding up traffic, why not get your head out of the clouds and move to the side. Is that really too much to ask of you? I call you The Blockers whenever I run into your or your other family members around the world. You seem to be everywhere.

This all seems like a bad idea to me on the face of it, but I guess it’s very important to some people, in spite of the fact that they slow down the whole travel process, which is difficult at best.

Speaking of partying, do you know what kills people in most fires? It’s the smoke. For all of you out there so excited about smoking pot, just think about what it is doing to your brain and your lungs. Like a comedian has said in the past, “I don’t smoke pot anymore, I’m not twelve and I have things to do.”