Sept.13 – Friday the 13th- Out at sea.

We are in rolling seas this evening. Our original route is in the middle of a tremendous storm with forty foot seas. Yes, it is Friday the thirteenth. Perfect!

We are going to seek shelter to the north, above Iceland and the arctic circle. We will see Northern Iceland and some icebergs as well as the Northern Lights if we are lucky. Hum.

The food was wonderful tonight. My wife had duck and I had the lobster and scallops. We are not gourmands. But food is our drug of choice.

I have decided to watch what I eat and refrain from heavy deserts. Fruit will be my choice for dessert.

I usually loose seven pounds on a cruise. I know, it sounds crazy, but I don’t have time to snack as I am kept busy rowing this ship. Not really, but there are many things to do here. I have brought a thick, detailed book about the CIA. That should keep me relaxed and calm.

The ship is beautiful and well appointed. There are card classes and lectures on travel and science. We can watch the lectures on the television if their timing interferes with our eating or sleeping. I HAVE A RIGID SCHEDULE OF NAPPING THAT MUST BE ADHERED TO.

I wore my Craighoppers travel clothing today. They are a brand of light travel pants that keep you warm and comfortable without taking up much space in your luggage. Why bring thick heavy clothing when you can bring lightweight, comfortable clothing instead.

They can be washed by hand in the sink and dry overnight. We carry half the clothing of most travelers. It just makes travel easier and less stressful.

I have been complemented more than once on how nice my travel cloths are. Yes, that is my wife’s doing. She is very particular about how I look.

We travel to London often for a week or so to visit her family with just two carry on bags.

We are still hoping to see the Northern Lights, but right now we can’t see anything. Time will tell.

“Did the captain say something about icebergs honey?”