Sept.14, 2019 – The Arctic Circle

Notice the wisp of whale breath in the distance.

It is 3:09 pm and we are approaching both the Iceland and the Arctic Circle.

This afternoon there is a gathering for those who will cross this imaginary line for the first time.

We will soon be members of the “Order of the Blue Nose.” We also belong to the “Order of the Red Nose” for going into the Antarctic and the “Shellbacks” or “Sons of Neptune” for crossing the Equator back on New Years day of 2000. I think that it is important to belong to as many “Secret Societies” as possible. My wife is not interested in these matters.

The large, beautiful, and important medals that come with belonging to these orders are very heavy and should not be worn while swimming. The results of doing so are obvious, even to me.

We met a nice man and woman while eating today. They had been married somewhere in their dark, murky past but I dare not call them a couple.

They are divorced now but each live in a half of the same duplex that they have purchased together. They travel together as well and seem to enjoy each other’s company to some degree. I will use the term couple here, but very loosely, I suppose.

Sometimes the most interesting things that one discovers are not the interesting points about your ultimate destination, but the secrets of your fellow travelers.