Sept.14, 2019 – A day at sea

It is still cloudy but the seas are calmer. We have a discussion to attend today at four.

Today is National Hoagie Day and we did our best to observe it as one should. We had a couple of nice sandwiches for lunch.

We stayed in our cabin today until 1:00 pm. Hey, we’re married and didn’t cross any state lines. We were watching a movie. Get your mind out of the, oh, never mind.

We have found a few quiet spots to read in. I am reading “The Secret Team,” by L. Fletcher Prouty.

It is an interesting story about the CIA from the view of a member of the Kennedy Administration. Remember what Eisenhower said about the “military industrial complex?” Well, that is what part of this book is about.

It is an older book but it is interesting to see what this man experienced years ago with the CIA. He had direct contact with them and some insight into the administration of it and activities of this organization.

I find it interesting due to the irregularities of our last election among other things.

The CIA has a long history of cultivating the press and using them to further their own agenda. Read about the Pentagon Papers and you will find some interesting reading there.

Do some reading and research on your own and see what you think.