Sept.15, 2019 – Going to Eyjaflordur on the Natural Treasures tour

Today we are off on another adventure.

We are traveling by van out to the waterfalls in the Fnjoskdalur Valley.

The Godfoss Waterfalls were named after a pagan priest and chieftain.

They lie at the end of a deep gorge in the lava. There are several cataracts that the narrow falls tumble over. The scenery is unbelievable. There are a few outcroppings along the way for good photos of the river and the falls.

The river is perhaps fifty feet wide and twenty feet below us at some points. It is rushing by very fast as it passes beneath us.

Remember, there are no trees any where here to see except a few that have been replanted by the government and most of them are planted at the base of the mountains, here and there. The Vikings cut them all down to survive. The moss is in every fall color imaginable.

We crossed over the Virurskard Pass to get here. It was a beautiful trip. The land is full of rolling hills, mountains and lava fields with steam rising into the air.

You can see for miles off into the distance over lave fields and see the cloudy skies meet the mountains. You can turn around and if you are high enough in the mountains, you can get a view of the port of Reykjavik, lying to the south in the distance where we came from this morning.