Sept.16, 2019 – Back to Reykjavik

So far we are injury free on this trip, unlike our recent trip to Central Asia.

My wife saw a photo that she had to have of a bread cart there with lovely fresh bread. It was sitting on the side of the road.

She lost her balance as she ran back for the photo and went down. She got her picture, but cracked a few ribs and her camera was destroyed in the process.

A lesson she has learned, I hope. But it could have been much worse and ended our trip right there.

By the way, wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes onto the plane and pack at least one outfit in your traveling companions suit case in case your luggage goes missing.

You will have your good walking shoes and a change of cloths to tide you over until you get a chance to replace those that were lost or to wear until your bag shows up again. I’m not just a pretty face.

We have been really lucky with the weather. We have been in the bus or van on our tours when it has rained. When we stop to walk and learn, the rain stops. Thank you very much.

A rainy day on vacation always beats a day at work, by the way.

Thank goodness those days are behind me now and more vacations are on the agenda.

I worked in the rain often and bringing in tools and equipment while trying to plaster someone’s house in bad weather is awful. It’s no fun working and trying to bring tools and supplies into your customers house in the best of times, but when it’s raining it’s just impossible.

I hope you have some nice vacations to look forward to.

Please remember to leave as small a wake behind you as possible while you travel through life.

Please remember that there’s always someone behind you looking for the same photo. Take your shot and move along for the rest of us, please. Be a smart traveler