Sept.18, 2019 – The weather

We are having an adventure.

The storms you have heard and read about over the last weeks passing the east coast of America end up here in and around Iceland and Greenland.

We have gone north of the Arctic Circle and joined the Order of the Blue noses. We had to kiss a dead fish and drink some awful tasting liquor to join.

We are also members of the Order of the Red Nose which indicates that we have sailed into the Antarctic. We are also members of the Order of the Turtle backs for crossing the Equator. By the way, I never swim with all of my medals on for obvious reasons.

We are going to miss our first port of call in Greenland due to high seas and wind.

We are pitching and rolling as I write this. I can hear the wind howling on the other side of the double panned sliding door.

The seas here aren’t that bad yet here and we are not seasick, but the ship is rolling a good bit. We are sailing through thick fog and the crew is on alert for icebergs as they have been for several days now.

Sounds familiar somehow, but I can’t remember why.

Always bring a deck of cards on your vacations just in case. We also carry a small travel version of Scrabble.

We are having a great time even if the weather isn’t perfect.

There is a magician performing tonight. Maybe he can do something about the weather.