Sept.22, 2019 – The Magic of Brett Sherwood

Luckily, the ship’s company saw fit to put some great entertainment on the Viking Sea. Among them is Brett Sherwood. I am a magic fan and was very impressed.

I sat up close to the stage, but not close enough to be asked to come up and participate. I want to watch the act, not be part of it. I am a magic fan and was very impressed. I have been to the Magic Castle and I watch magicians on the internet quite often.

This is the second show. His first show was marred by the gremlins of stage craft. The crew was having difficulties finding a working microphone. They went through several before finding a decent one for him to use. In any event he went on with is show like the pro that he is and it was great. He does not get rattled.

This one tonight was better due to the smooth operation of the equipment supplied by the Viking Sea. His patter is interesting and adds to the act. He worked alone on the ship.

I ran across him a few days later and we chatted a little. He put up with my intrusion and was a complete gentleman. He has an interesting backstory as well. He lives in England but performs around the world. He has been doing magic most of his life and it shows.

He did a close up magic show a few days later in the main atrium of the ship. He was incredible. He did things that are absolutely impossible while having his sleeves rolled up as always. I watched very closely and of course, saw nothing that I wasn’t supposed to. There were people watching from high above him and I’m sure they were fooled as we were.

If you ever see his name up in lights or in the paper, buy a ticket and have some fun.