Sept.23, 2019 – The spa

Let me start by saying up front that we are not spa people.

However, the pool has been closed for the entire voyage due to cold weather and rough seas. If you entered you would end up looking like you were hit by a truck.

The spa pool is a different matter.

It is somewhat smaller and its location below deck makes it warmer and more, shall we say, comfortable. The pool is still sloshing a little, but not as much as the other.

We are on, perhaps, the next to the last voyage of the year in this region. It is supposed to be a good time to see the Northern lights. But sadly the skies are overcast and the visibility is not conducive to seeing much of anything.

This is the risk you run while trying to figure out when the best time to come here is.

Such is life. We still have time, but if the wether doesn’t improve we are not going to see much of anything.

In the meantime we are warm, comfortable and well fed.

I would like to say here that the staff of this ship is great.

We were in room 3074. I mention that so that our steward will remember us and our brief friendship. He and is partner did a great job on our room and were very pleasant and easy to work with. We enjoyed talking with them and meeting them.

Likewise the rest if the staff of the restaurants and the buffet were great. I would like to mention a young fellow named Kuda also. We had a chance to talk now and then. He is a very nice person and a joy to know. I have been to his country and know a little about it.

I know a little about his family and wish him my best. He will do well at what ever he wants to do in life. He is intelligent, has a great work ethic and is easy to like. With those traits, the world is open to him. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a great success.