Sept.28, 2019 – The sea

Rough seas ahead. It rained all day long. I read for a few hours and went back to our cabin to nap.

It is difficult to walk in the long, narrow hallways of the ship. The ship is rolling from side to side.

Neither of us is sick however. That is a nice thing.

We have already lost another port of call in Greenland due to huge seas and hard winds. We are in a force 8 gale. The winds are sixty miles an hour.

The ship is rocking and rolling as I write this at 11:34 in the evening. It’s hard to sleep when your bed is moving all of the time. The seas around us are fifteen to twenty feet. The ship rolls from one side to the upright position every six seconds and then rolls in the opposite direction for six seconds.

Occasionally a bigger wave comes and you are almost tossed from bed. It is impossible to sleep. We have hit a few big waves and felt them, but the ship does not pitch upwards, thankfully.

The waves are forty feet high with very strong winds where we should be right now. The captain has made the right decision by taking us north.

And besides, now we are members of another order. We have crossed over the Arctic Circle. More about that latter.