Sept.26 – The cruise in the North Atlantic.

We are safely back from our cruise to Iceland, Norway, Greenland and Canada.

Do you ever wonder where the hurricanes go after they leave the U.S. We now know.

It was a bumpy ride, but good fun and we had an adventure. We met a lot of wonderful people and learned a few things along the way.

I will start putting up the tales of this adventure starting tomorrow.

Next year we are off on the Mississippi. We will be going north to Hannibal Missouri form New Orleans. We will then drive to Chicago and drive route 66 to Santa Monica.

We crossed over the arctic circle on this trip and joined that club with the kissing of the fish and the gunk on the nose. More about that later.

There will be plenty of pictures of all my adventures coming to this site soon. I have been to over one-hundred countries now, I think. So there will be plenty of pictures soon enough.

Thanks for coming to read my nonsense here.