Seeing the world- Sept. – 2019

My wife and I always ravel in tour groups.

When you travel alone, it is much more difficult and I think you gain less from it.

How much of a country can you see as you drive down the narrow roads of a country and how much can you learn without professional help?

I am not saying don’t travel in different ways, I’m just saying that for us, the group tour is the most interesting way to see and learn about a country.

We meet so many wonderful people with differing points of view on everything on our tours. But the members of our group all have one thing in common, they wanted to come to wherever you all are at this particular moment.

Make the best of your trip and enjoy learning about your travel companions. You may not agree on much, but who cares. You all agreed to come to this place at this moment, so enjoy.

I don’t drink. I don’t care if you do. I don’t envy the birds because they can fly. I just want to learn how and why they do it.

Be nice to each other.