Thursday, Sept.17, 2019 – The Viking Museum in Reykjavik

I found my way to the buses and went into Reykjavik to the Viking Museum and then on to a place where we will hear the Sagas.

It’s nearly second nature to me now to spell Reykjavik. Wow. In a few days I’ll do even better. The word means “smokey harbor” by the way.

I love museums. I could spend hours in them on our travels, but sadly the managers usually ask me to leave after some time. They have families and get hungry like everyone else I suppose.

The history of the Vikings and these lands of Norway, Iceland and Greenland is very interesting, no matter how hard the words are to remember or pronounce. There are no Tims or Toms here. These people have real names that fill your mouth. Sadly I can’t recall any of them after about two seconds.

As we walked through the Museum which is of the wax variety, we saw many vignettes about how the Vikings lived their lives. The figures and their clothing were first class. Have you ever wondered about the shoes of that time? I did until I saw the shoes here. We also learned about their simple solution to their religious conflict. No, I’m not going to tell you about that. Look it up if you’re interested.

The narrations were well done. It is a small place and you wear headsets to hear the stories as you walk through.

The young man who worked there was pleasant and helped all of us that needed it. He looked like a Viking. Not surprising considering his background. I suppose they all come from Viking stock.