Sept.26, 2019 – Montreal Airport

The traffic to the airport was light this morning.

It only took 25 minutes instead of the 40 minutes that it took to leave the airport before.

The people who helped us load and unload the van and to get to the airport this morning were great.

There was little help or information when we tried to find our luggage after the cruise however. That system can be improved. There was no one directing us as to which group of bags belonged to who.

The staff at the airport were helpful and friendly. Why are the Canadians always so nice? It must be something in the water.

This liquid deal is a deal breaker however. What good does it do to take all of the liquids out of our bags and then put our small containers into plastic bags? I just don’t get it.

We are traveling and bringing things with us.

It takes ages to take them out and bag them up and then repack. Paris and Montreal are the only places where we have to this.

The Global entry system was a little out of sorts but a lady soon helped us. It was the machine, not us.

The custom officials were pleasant enough at both ends of our flight. I find them very nice most of the time.

Why is it that I have be checked through customs to get back into my own country when thousands are just walking in with criminal records and contagious illnesses? In Turkmenistan they took our temperatures before we were allowed to enter.

I just don’t get the people who want anyone and everyone to enter our country without going through proper procedures.What about all of the people waiting in line for years to enter honestly and within the system.

I will try to finish my book on the way home. Do you know why Francis Gary Powers was sent up when he was? Why did his plane crash? Some have different ideas other than the reason put forth to us in the past.

Interesting story if you want to investigate some. I will have to look into that.