Tuesday, Sept.24,2019 – Saguenay

We have turned north northest at Tadoussac and are heading up the Saguenay Fiord to Saguenay.

The land is a mix of sheer cliffs and hills at the rivers edge. Everything is covered in Fall colors.

It has been foggy and cold. The seas have been rolling for days but we have managed.

We have seen a large pod of whales passing near the ship. Their spray could be easily seen out in the distance.

We are still in our cabin at 9:15 in the morning. We have had another breakfast in our room. We are looking forward to reading for a few hours before we leave the ship at 2:00pm.

We are looking south from our room as we head up the fiord. I am nearly finished with “The Secret Team.” It is the tale of the creation of the CIA and its long term ramifications for our country and the world.

I will read a few more books on this topic as it is important and interesting to all Americans. I have no view, knowledge or viewpoint on this subject. I just want to learn more about the organization and its activities.

The book has explained the hierarchy and how the checks and balances have been ignored over the years. Remember the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower spoke of? That might have been about the CIA.

This book is written by L. Prouty, who worked for president Kennedy and saw things from a certain viewpoint. Is it the whole truth? Perhaps not. Is it a partial explanation for things that have happened in foreign policy? Perhaps.

Mr. Prouty was there with Kennedy when things went south at the “Bay of Pigs.” He was well aware of what the President was and wasn’t told at the time about certain historic events, before that and after.

Obviously we all have view points, but he was there. I will try to take that into account as I finish this book. One could argue that none of what he says is true, and I suppose some believe that. People can say that about everything and anything.

If you haven’t read the book, how do you know what’s in it in the forst place?

Then does that mean we shouldn’t read something because every writer has a viewpoint? I don’t think so. Read the book and then we can talk about it. I have more to learn on this subject and will try to.

Read my book, “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets.” It’s a spy novel about the CIA. But it is more than that. It is a novel about a family and their secrets.