Prelude to Rome – Harry and Franklin – 1918

I have met Harry and Franklin today.

Franklin is Ernie’s grandfather father.

William is the main character of Prelude to Rome. He has just graduated from Georgetown. William’s is Ernie’s father from “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets,” remember?

Harry is Franklin’s best friend.

They went to Georgetown and were the best of friends. They ended up in the infantry together in WWI.

They appear to have had a long and illustrious past together and an intriguing future ahead of them. They are discussing the future of William in the OSS.

William is 22 years old or so. He hasn’t told me exactly yet what his age is.

He’s coming home this weekend to meet Harry. Harry has a proposition for William. I think I have a hunch about what it might be.

Things are heating up in Europe and it’s 1939.

Do you know about Camp X up in Canada? What about the alphabet camps in America?

I’m up to chapter four and 4000 words.

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