Hong Kong – 2020

Those brave people in Hong Kong are still hanging on.

What other choices do they have? Death, imprisonment or freedom?

I hope they get their freedom. There are millions backing them in silence and thousands in the streets of Hong Kong fighting for them.

Will their own army destroy them under orders from a criminal government?

What can you do to support them?

Write to the Chinese embassy near you. Tell them what you think of the human rights policy in China.

This isn’t going to go away peacefully. The more you support the Hong Kong people the more you support all of the people of China.

Why should a few criminals run an entire country and bleed it for their own power and wealth?

China needs to come into the 21st century.

The government cannot win against its people if they get organized and fight together. Their numbers are simply too strong.

Buy products made in your own country to help your local economy.

Let anyone and everyone around you know what has to happen for the people in Hong Kong and China.

The Chineses people need to be freed from a government of tyranny.

The communist government needs to be toppled and a democratic government put in its place with as little violence as possible.

What will that look like, I cannot say. Soon enough, we will see it play out.

Be a part of it and do all you can to help free the people of Hong Kong and China.