January 1, 2020

Photo: Mongolian warriors out at the Genghis Khan Statue Complex in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Hum, I like the sound of that for some reason.

I guess it’s because I’m still here to start off the New Year.

Yes, my timid lifestyle has saved me from destruction again.

When we travel to foreign places, we are often asked, “why are you going to such a difficult or dangerous place?”

I have no good answer for that other than our interest in and possible encounters with strangers outweighs the possible dangers.

We have had many close calls and sadly see planes crash that we have flown in all over the world.

I guess luck plays a big part in the fact that I am still here.

By all rights, I should be in prison or dead considering my early upbringing and location of my childhood. “Hood” being the important word in that sentence.

Anyway, I am glad you made it to this New Year as well and still have a chance to make a positive difference in the world.

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