Jan.27, 2020-The health problem in China

This outbreak of this illness is exactly one of the most important reasons for proper border control.

When you have easy access to travel around the world, it is more important than ever to know who and from where your visitors are coming from.

On our recent trip to the Five Stans, we had our temperatures taken at one of the borders. I think it was Turkmenistan, but I’m not sure.

I thought at the time that it was a good idea.

When I travel I always find some countries doing smart and interesting things. It took just a few moments, and perhaps, it might limit the exposure for all of the inhabitants to dangerous ailments.

For those who wish or want open borders, I say fine. You pay for their medical, social and educational needs while they are here and I will take care of my own family. It isn’t cruel.

Having people come into your country ill equipped in most ways for success in school, work, and communication skills is cruel.

By the way, if you tell your children that “the man” is keeping you down, they will come to believe it and not try as hard as they should to succeed. It’s obvious.

It just makes no sense on the face of it to constantly tell your children that everyone is against them who look different or who are in charge at the time.

Maybe one should ask how they got into those positions and do the same instead of complaining.

I see some wild times coming in the near future, so buckle up and hang on.

Remember to be nice to each other no matter how hard it might become to do so.

Civility breeds civility.