March 20, 2020 – World disaster

I have been around a while and am seldom surprised when things happen. This has surprised me to no end.

Please be safe and follow all rules that are meant to keep you safe. Hopefully this will be over sooner than later. I wish all of you well and good health.

Please be mindful of others and maintain a safe distance from them. Note that I am alone here. We will get through this if we do as we are asked. We are safe in our little place and intend to stay here as long as needed or asked.

I think this is a wake up call to remind us that we need American companies producing everything, including medicine. That would solve a few problems that we have faced for many years.

Please take the time to write your congress men and women and ask them to give needed tax breaks to help our country’s businesses compete and flourish in the world markets.

Do you know what other countries charge companies in taxes? Why do you think our companies have moved to other countries?

Just remember, even if a large company pays no taxes, they employe many people, who in turn pay income taxes. Remember that most companies are owned by working people through stocks, bonds and retirement plans as well. Look at the complete picture and understand it before you respond.

Take some time and learn about the tax system. Learn who pays taxes and understand that much of what you hear is untrue. Try to be open to learning somethings.