April 4, 2020 – The state of the state

Do you like what you see around you in California?

It is a beautiful place in some areas.

Do you feel safer on the streets at night as you walk to the market now?

We have a large surplus of tax money. Instead of building more cells for criminals and placing the mentally ill in the proper environment, the state government is releasing criminals.

We all know that most criminals do not get caught on their first misadventure. They rob and beat and do drugs until they are caught or worse. I remember the statistic that 80 percent of the crimes or so are committed by 20 or so percent of the criminals. We can fix this. Some people need to stay in Jail.

Even the L.A. Times reported that the homeless are comprised of drug offenders and the mentally ill. Why don’t we help them?

If they were dogs, we would treat them better.

Write your congress person and let them know what you want done. You pay the bill. How many of your neighbors or children will have to die before the state does the right thing.

Oh, I forgot, weed is legal now and everything is going to get better.

When you type those letter to your congressperson, make some copies and give them to your neighbors to send in also.

This virus will pass and we will recover, but the streets are only going to get worse unless something is done, and soon. Sorry, but that is the truth.